I made my first purchase and received a confirmation SMS/Email. What should I do?
Congratulations on your first purchase with BigBrands.ae. Unless prompted, you need not respond unless called by the Customer Service team or asked to specifically. This is to confirm your order and ensure you are able to track your order with the order ID.
Okay, it’s been 3 to 7 days and I haven’t received my Order yet! Where is it?

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. You can track your order with your order number by calling our customer service team at 800BIGBRANDS (That is, 800 244 272637) or email us at

Even though 3 to 7 business days is the usual timeframe for receiving an item bought on Bigbrands.ae, inevitable delays might occur. There are a variety of reasons that may have caused the delay including, but are not limited to; unprecedented volumes in delivery from the courier company or other unforeseen delivery schedule issues, and even at times delays from the buyer side such as missed communication to confirm purchase or to schedule a delivery time among other things.

I am still worried! What if my item gets lost?
There’s no need to worry. An item is only considered delivered when we have your signature on the delivery note and the item is in your hands. For whatever the reason, if an item does get lost you will receive a full refund of your money if you have paid through electronic means (Credit or Debit Card, CashU, other payment cards) and in the event that you chose Cash on Delivery (COD) then you are not liable to make a payment or penalized for a non-delivered item.
Okay, this isn’t what I bought?
Never fear, we will help you in correcting that should this be the case. Also as a Bigbrands.ae shopper you have the right to return an item within three 3 days even if it is the exact same item you have ordered so long as it meets our return policies namely being in the same condition received and with the original packaging intact.
Okay, but what if I decide after three (3) days I don’t want the item, if it was a store, I have up to 30 days, what happens then?

Yes, you can return an item if it is faulty or not functioning as it is supposed to be doing. The item will be refunded as per our return policy. To do so please contact our Customer Service Team through the Contact Us via the inquiry form or contact our Customer Service Desk on the toll free number 800 BIG BRANDS.

If there is nothing wrong with the item and you still want to return it, then we allow you do so within three days.

I’ve changed my mind; can I return what I’ve bought?

Yes you can. We want to offer you, our valued customers, the peace of mind of shopping with us and also we fully understand that sometimes you might change your mind on a bought item. If after making the purchase online and you still have not received the item, you could still cancel your order. If you have paid through electronic means (Credit or Debit card, other payment cards) then the money would be refunded, but due to individual card providers, the amount may take time to reflect in your card statement. If you wish to return the item after receiving it, you have up to three (3) days to do so, so long as the item is in the same condition as received and with the original packaging intact. In all circumstances you can contact the Customer Service Team through the Contact Us page for a return of an item or refunds.

But what if I want to return an item after three (3) days?

If you have filed a complaint within three (3) days then a return is possible after this period. You can either file a complaint or Contact Us through the Inquiry form or Contact Centre (numbers and method available on the Contact Us page of BigBrands.ae).

Do I get the full amount returned/ refunded to me for a returned item?

Shipping fees will be deducted from the amount, but you will receive a refund for the balance. This fee will be waived if the item was not as advertised, defective or not functioning as advertised. So basically if it is a return because you have simply changed your mind then the shipping fees will be retained by Bigbrands.ae and we just refund you the item amount paid. You will be refunded the shipping fees for returned items not in proper working condition or faulty and/or defective.

Can I replace an item?
We offer store credit for returned items. Please read our return policy for details
Why do you sometimes ask for a copy of my credit card and/or an Identification Card such as a Passport copy, do you not trust me?

This is for your protection as much as ours, to ensure that an item bought on Bigbrands.ae using electronic means such as Credit or Debit cards is genuinely the card of the actual buyer and not related to a lost, stolen or fraudulently-used card. In effect it is an extra layer of verification as part of our secure shopping environment and authentication process and security levels.

I am still not comfortable with you having this level of information on me?

Unfortunately it is required at times, and in the case of Credit Cards we only ask for the front-page of the card. However if you have concerns regarding this you can also opt to use Cash on Delivery (COD) or other limited eCard options such as CashU.

I filed my complaint and contacted your Customer Services and nothing has happened yet?

Firstly, we apologize for the delay. Every complaint filed or issue sent to Customer Services is logged and remains open until full satisfactorily resolution. We work to resolve matters speedily, however at times due to complexity of an issue it might require longer to resolve. But rest assured that your case or complaint is not ignored and is being worked on.

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